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Gerrard Alexander Ansara

B Arch - Wits University

Gerrard works in the now, learns from the past and envisions the future of architecture.
He has worked all over the world on projects large and small. He has a tactile affinity toward textures and space. 

Eugene Ncube

Nat.Dip. Arch. , UJ.

Currently furthering my education into a management orientated discourse of architecture.

Enjoys visualizing architecture through computer graphics. My interests include learning Japanese, the piano, philosophy, growing bonsai and succulents. 

Andrew Mack

Professional architectural draughtsperson with 9 years experience in commercial, residential and educational architecture. Gentleman, relentlessly inspired, lover of great whisky. 

Brendan Wood

A dedicated, hard working keen project manager and Architectural Technologist  with several years experience in running various companies and as a Landscape Architect,  concentrating on innovation within green building techniques with an understanding of how to optimize  the use of nature to reduce energy consumption whilst protecting our most important resource planet earth.
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